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The health and wellness of our clients and staff continue to be one of our top concerns here at MuttSchool. When signing up for one of our services, we have a few protocols we ask you to follow to help us keep a safe, clean training environment for everyone. While some of these may seem restrictive compared to what we did in the past, please be patient with us and keep in mind we are doing this for everyone’s safety:
  1. We are only taking 6 dog/people teams in our 1st through 5th grade classes and workshops so we can maintain social distancing and get an accurate count of the number of people and dogs in our facility.
  2. Please, only one person per dog should attend class. If you want your family involved in training, private lessons are a great option for that.
  3. We will not be able to take drop ins for group classes. You must be signed up to attend. Please reserve your spot by clicking on the “schedule” button next to your certificate code in your MuttSchool Order Receipt (the email you received when you purchased your group class package) or give us a call at 913-717-6111 for help with scheduling.
  4. Our classes fill up quickly and there are often people waiting for a spot in class. If you have reserved a space in class and need to cancel or reschedule, please give us 48 hours notice. If less than 48 hours notice is given your class code for that class will be considered used.
  5. During class, the wearing of masks are highly encouraged.
  6. We don’t let our dogs greet each other during class, so with one person per dog, we should always be a minimum of 12 feet away from each other (the length of two 6-foot leashes). Dog trainers have practiced social distancing with their dogs long before COVID-19.
  7. Please wait outside the building until the previous class has left and your instructor comes outside and waves you inside. This is a great time to walk your dogs so they go potty before class. Remember to keep your dogs at least 12 feet apart to prevent on-leash doggy disagreements.
  8. When you come inside the building, find a chair quickly. We’ll be letting one dog/person team in at a time. The chairs will be spaced about 12 feet apart.
  1. We can come to you for your private lesson, however we are not going inside people’s homes right now.
  2. We are also offering private lessons at the facility.
  3. During private lessons, the wearing of masks are highly encouraged.
  4. Our trainers do not always wear masks inside our facility when it is just us working with the dog. We’ve found that some dogs don’t respond as well to us when we are wearing masks. If you are coming to the facility for a private lesson, we ask that you call us at 913-717-6111 when you arrive in the parking lot to allow us to have time to put our masks on.
  5. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give us 48 hours notice or your code for that lesson will be considered used.
  6. Please maintain a 6 foot distance from the trainer at all times. As much as we all love to hug our trainers when we see results with our dogs, a long-distance hug or air high-five is more appropriate right now.
  7. If you are outside of the “30 mile from the facility” zone, there will be a travel charge paid directly to the trainer for their time, gas and wear and tear on their vehicle of $1/mile past the 30 mile zone.
  8. We may or may not be able to do private lessons on Ft. Riley depending on clearance. We’d be happy to do these lessons at the training center. MuttSchool is 12 minutes from the Ogden Gate.
  1. When dropping off or picking up your dog, we ask that you call us from the parking lot at 913-717-6111 and we will happily do doggy valet!
  2. Since, we need an accurate count of dogs attending day training, please reserve your spot ahead of time. Currently, we will not be able to take drop ins. You may call the day of to see if space is still available, but please let us know before you show up in case we are full that day.
  3. We only take a set amount of dogs each day. There are people waiting for a spot in day training. If you have reserved a space and need to cancel or reschedule, please give us 48 hours notice.
  4. Our trainers do not always wear masks inside our facility when it is just us working with the dog. We’ve found that some dogs don’t respond as well to us when we are wearing masks. If you need to come inside the facility, we ask that you call us first at 913-717-6111 to allow us to have time to put our masks on. We encourage you to also wear a mask when coming into the facility.

If you prefer not to meet face-to-face, we have online evaluations and private lessons available. You get the same level of training as you would meeting in person.

Professional dog training to fit your lifestyle

Transform your dog into the pet you’ve always wanted by utilizing the power of behavioral science to train your dog. MuttSchool instructors teach by building lasting bonds based on mutual trust and respect instead of fear and intimidation. With the flexibility of our many different services, we can custom design a training plan to help you achieve your dog’s training goals:


Training your dog makes good financial sense. Untrained dogs can be a risk to other people and dogs. If you think training is expensive, simply envision the cost if your dog were to escape your yard and get in a fight with another dog or injure someone. You risk lawsuits, medical care, veterinarian care, legal fees and animal control fines. MuttSchool has many dog training options and we are happy to help you find affordable ways to train your dog.


Enjoy flexible scheduling—on your time and at your chosen location. We know you have busy lives and dog training isn’t always on the top of your to-do list. We want to train your dog, so we offer flexible service options to fit with your lifestyle.


Join a community of pet parents that also want quality, positive reinforcement training for their dog. VISIT MuttSchool’s Booster Club on Facebook.

Group Classes

MuttSchool’s group class instructors teach you along with your dog. You and your dog will establish a system of lifelong communication by building behaviors and strengthening skills. We teach so that it’s a fun, positive experience for both of you. We are dedicated to provide you with the tools you need to have a confident, well-mannered and happy canine.

Puppy kindergarten

Start your puppy off on the right paw! This class meets twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 6pm. Attend until your puppy turns 16 weeks old.

Grades 1-5 group classes

Purchase credits to use in our open enrollment foundation group classes. Earn AKC Canine Good Citizen certificates as you attend class!

Focused skills workshops

Need a deep dive into a single dog training topic? Workshops are a one time only class for only $45. Focus on topics like loose leash walking, recalls and more!

Dog sports group classes

Interested in doing something fun with your dog? Try our 8-week beginning agility, trick training or rally obedience classes.

Private lessons

Private lessons offer a personalized way to train your dog or puppy. Enjoy the flexibility of working one-on-one with a MuttSchool instructor based on your schedule and availability. These lessons can be held at your home, our training center or another agreed upon location.

How do you get started? Sign up today for an evaluation!


During your dog’s evaluation, a MuttSchool instructor will meet with you and your dog to observe your dog’s behavior first hand. Together we will devise a training plan that meets your dog’s training needs.

Foundation private lessons

Build a solid foundation for your dog while training on your own schedule. Work on your dog’s manners while including the entire family in your training sessions.

Behavior modification private lessons

Is your dog’s challenging behavior upsetting the balance in your household?
Behavior private lessons are for dogs that are exhibiting behaviors that are difficult to live with.

Rowdy Rover behavior program

MuttSchool’s Rowdy Rover program is a multifaceted behavior program for dogs with separation anxiety, fear, aggression, reactivity, or obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

No time to train your dog? Let our professionals train your dog for you!

Let MuttSchool take the stress out of training by letting us train your dog while you are busy during the day. Allow MuttSchool’s instructors to give you the peace of mind that your dog is getting the right foundation training, manners and socialization while you go about your daily life. MuttSchool offers several different options for people who want a professionally trained dog:

Day Training

With our day training program, you drop your dog off in the morning and pick your dog up in the evening. In between, Muttschool instructors follow your dog’s individualized training plan and do all the work!

Manners Camp

MuttSchool’s Manners Camp is a structured all day activity for dogs that need a little help remembering their manners. Drop your dog off with us for fun and first grade level training while you go about your day.

Boarding School

This is a very popular option if you want your dog professionally trained but can’t bring your dog to day training. Contact Renee at Wildcat Pet Resort, 785-539-1515, for questions or to schedule your dog for boarding school.

Field Trips

Does your dog need work outside your house? Are walks difficult because your dog is too distracted? Let our trainers take your dog on field trips while you are at work to reinforce good leash behaviors around distractions.

Why choose MuttSchool?

CCPDT Certified Dog Trainers

A dog trainer certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers shows the trainer is a qualified professional that has tested and passed the rigorous standards of knowledge and skills in the field of science-based dog training. MuttSchool supports testing dog trainer’s knowledge and skills to show competency. Read the CCPDT mission statement to see why we believe your dog trainer should be certified.

Experience Counts

MuttSchool instructors have trained over 4,000 local dogs since our business began in 2007. Before moving to Kansas, our owner, Mary, taught classes and trained dogs in both Arizona and Washington state. Mary has over 30 years of training experience and imparts this in designing MuttSchool’s curriculum and training plans. That’s experience you can trust.

Personalized Programs

There is not a one size fits all dog training solution. Every dog has individual training needs. And, each owner has their own lifestyle requirements. Finding a way to meld these together so you and your dog can be successful is why MuttSchool offers a variety of services for you to choose from. Let us develop an individualized training plan just for you and your dog!

Educated Instructors

MuttSchool’s instructors have completed professional dog training schools, university degrees or are in the process of completing their formal education. Several of our certified trainers are graduates of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy.  Other instructors have completed their education from Animal Behavior College (ABC) MuttSchool is also an ABC Mentor Training Facility. In addition, all of our instructors are expected to attend yearly professional development seminars to stay on the forefront of the dog training field.

Method of Training

Using scientifically-based positive reinforcement methods, MuttSchool’s instructors teach you along with your dog. You and your dog will establish a system of lifelong communication by building behaviors and strengthening skills. We teach so that it’s a fun, positive experience for both of you. We are dedicated to provide you with the tools you need to have a confident, well-mannered and happy canine. MuttSchool DOES NOT use training equipment that imparts pain, fear or intimidation on your dog.

Licensed, bonded and insured

MuttSchool is licensed as a training kennel by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. We are bonded and insured. And, due to the fact that even the best-behaved dogs can sometimes be unpredictable, we carry worker’s compensation for our valuable employees. If you are searching for a dog trainer, these are important subjects to talk about with other trainers you interview. Not all dog trainers are licensed and bonded or carry insurance. If anything happens with an uninsured trainer, the liability could fall on you.

You have a team of professional trainers working for you and your dog.

Get to know our team of instructors. We combine our love for animals with education, experience and scientific-based training methods. You may notice the credentials at the ends of our names. Not all dog trainers have certifications. MuttSchool’s instructors are either certified or are working toward the training hours required to take the rigorous Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) exams. This certification demonstrates that your instructor has mastered humane, science-based dog training practices. To maintain our certifications, we are expected to complete yearly continuing education. The more MuttSchool instructors learn, the more we can pass on to our clients. You can rest assured that you and your dog are receiving the most recent, effective training methods when you bring your dog to MuttSchool.

Certified Dog Trainers



B.A. • CCPDT-KSA • KPA CTP • CGC evaluator

For over 30 years, Mary has taught private lessons and all levels of group classes in obedience, rally, conformation, trick training and agility in Phoenix, AZ, Seattle, WA and now with MuttSchool. She has worked with a wide range of canine behavioral challenges including shyness, reactivity, aggression, and separation anxiety. Mary is a Karen Pryor Academy honors graduate and a KPA Certified Training Partner.


CCPDT-KA • ABCDT • CGC evaluator

Dawn started with MuttSchool as an ABC extern in 2015.  Now, she teaches private lessons, group classes, day training and works with our therapy and service dogs. Dawn is also an AKC CGC evaluator. She has also volunteered for Helping Hands Humane Society training dogs with behavior issues to make them more adoptable.
Jen Gfeller



Jennifer has always been captivated by the human-animal bond and enjoys helping people learn how to communicate better with their dogs. She is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy for Professional Trainers, and has worked in both municipal animal shelters and non-profit organizations.


B.S. • CCPDT-KA • CGC Evaluator • KPA

Kate is a former Kindergarten teacher who has gone to the dogs. She has always enjoyed working with animals. She completed the Karen Pryor Academy for Professional Trainers, is a CCPDT-KA and a CGC evaluator. While teaching, Kate spent her summers working as a naturalist and mammal rehabilitation provider for Kansas Wildlife and Parks.



Dog Training Specialists (Manhattan location)


CGC Evaluator • KPA Foundations • AKC Temperament Tester


K-State Student, Animal Science • KPA Foundations


Two time AKC European Open Junior Team USA


B.S., Animal Science


K-STATE Student, Entrepreneurship





Kennel Technician


Kennel Technician

Want to become a dog trainer? Learn animal behavior through a MuttSchool internship.

MuttSchool’s animal behavior interns will receive both online and hands-on experience working with our dog training and behavior programs. The intern will learn to train, rehabilitate and modify behaviorally-challenged dogs using LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) training methods under the direction of MuttSchool’s certified trainers. In addition, the intern will assist with daily care and training, group classes and private lessons learning how to instruct clients. As interns progress in their understanding of dog behavior and their skill at working with dogs, there may be the possibility of paid positions with the company depending on the performance of the intern and the needs of the company. The internship requires a commitment of 10-20 hours a week. Preference will be given to those enrolled in a dog training educational program or university-level animal behavior or veterinary courses. This is an unpaid position.


Animal Behavior Intern

After School Events


Want to learn about pet-related topics from experts in their fields? Watch our facebook event page for topics like pet first aid, massage, nutrition and acupuncture.

SymPAWSiums and Seminars

Staying current with recent developments and innovation in the dog training and behavior world is very important to your MuttSchool trainers. We want to pass that on to you by bringing internationally renowned speakers on topics that you may be interested in to the Manhattan area. Whether you are a pet owner or professional in the industry, you are welcome to join us for our SymPAWSiums.


MuttSchool-KS serves towns in northeastern Kansas along the I-70 corridor, including Manhattan, Junction City, Ft. Riley, St. Marys, Wamego, Silver Lake, Topeka, Abilene, and Salina. Travel fees may apply.