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At MuttSchool, we teach more than just obedience.

We teach you and your dog in a way that improves communication and develops a strong bond with your dog. MuttSchool follows the LIMA approach for dog training and DOES NOT use training equipment that imparts pain, fear or intimidation on your dog. Our training methods are designed to give you a confident, well-mannered dog while preventing behavioral challenges before they start.

Day School and group classes are held in the Gymnasium Room of
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Let MuttSchool take the stress out of training by letting us train your dog while you are busy during the day. MuttSchool’s instructors can give you the peace of mind that your dog is getting the right foundation training, manners and socialization while you go about your daily life.

Day School

MuttSchool’s professional trainers will train your dog as you go about your busy day. In addition to training, our program is designed to provide activities to stimulate your dog both mentally and physically while reinforcing social skills and polite behavior. This is a fabulous way for busy dog parents to meet the physical, mental and social needs of their dogs. Sign up for an hour training appointment for your dog. If you need to leave your dog all day, simply add on Dirty Dog Pet Services day care.

Try us on Wednesdays for 50% off! Use the code TRYDAYSCHOOL when you enroll.

MuttSchool’s group classes are not just about training sit, down and walking on a leash (although we do that, too!). Our group classes teach you problem-solving dog training skills you can use outside of the classroom while training your dog to be polite, at home and in public. You and your dog will establish a system of lifelong communication by building behaviors and strengthening skills. We teach so it’s a fun, positive experience for both of you. We are dedicated to provide you with the tools you need to have a confident, well-mannered and happy canine.

Our group classes feature:

  • CONVENIENCE  Stay LOCAL! You and your dog will learn the same training curriculum taught at MuttSchool’s other locations.
  • AFFORDABILITY  At around $25 per class, dog training can be affordable!
  • SMALL CLASS SIZES  Sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to learn new things in a large group of people and dogs. Because of this, we have limited our group classes to no more than 6 dogs. This helps to reduce the stress of overcrowding in group classes, allows more personalized attention and makes learning fun!

Please note:  Group classes are not appropriate for dogs with behavioral problems or reactive dogs (dogs that bark, lunge or are disruptive in a kennel or on-leash).  We do have other training options for dogs with these behavioral challenges.

First Grade

In addition to training behaviors like sit, down, stand and walking nicely on leash, First Grade teaches your dog how much fun it can be to work for you as we lay the foundation to learning more advanced training skills. In First Grade, we focus on establishing lines of communication between you and your dog. You will learn about dog body language and how to change challenging behaviors that are happening at home. You may be surprised at how readily your dog will want to learn new things. The first week of class is an orientation (without dogs) followed by 6 weeks of group classes.

Second Grade

In Second Grade, you and your dog will build on the skills you learned in first grade. We will be introducing training exercises that are more challenging and useful in the real world. As we continue to establish better lines of communication with our dog, we will also be working on solving challenging behaviors that are happening at home. In Second Grade, our focus is establishing manners so you have a better behaved dog both at home and away.

Third Grade

Now that you’ve established a solid foundation, the skills your dog learned in the previous two classes will really start to shine in Third Grade! At this level, we’ll start reinforcing reliability and working on more complex behaviors. In Third Grade you will be eligible to test for the AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Fourth and Fifth Grade (combined)

Whether you want a superbly trained pet or are thinking about competing in dog sports, competition rally or obedience, this 12-week continuous class brings all your dog’s training together for you. You and your dog will work on polishing the skills learned in prior classes and start practicing more challenging tasks. You will continue building the 3Ds (Distance, Duration and Distractions) to the behaviors your dog already knows. Dogs that graduate from Fourth (with the AKC CGCA) and Fifth (with the AKC CGCU) Grades exhibit exceptional behavioral control in public settings. In these two final foundation levels, we’ll work on advanced skills, impulse control and formal obedience heeling exercises. Some of this class will take place in public locations as scheduled by your instructor. Completion of the AKC CGCU is part of the requirements for our Therapy or Service Dog programs.

Private lessons offer a personalized way to train your dog or puppy. Enjoy the flexibility of working one-on-one with a MuttSchool instructor based on your schedule and availability. These lessons can be held at your home, our training center or another agreed upon location.

How do you get started? Sign up today for an evaluation!

Foundation Private Lessons

Build a solid foundation for your dog  while learning directly from a professional trainer. Private lessons focus on attention exercises, sit, down, wait, stay, loose-leash walking, come when called, polite greetings, house training, impulse-control, and confidence building.

Purchase the 20 lesson package for us to teach our Grades 1, 2 and 3 curriculum and test for the AKC CGC certificate.


Behavior Private Lessons

After an evaluation, you will have your instructor’s recommendations on launching your dog’s behavioral training. You can sign up for packages of private lessons below. These can be held at your home, a park, or other agreed on location.




Get to know our Topeka instructors. We combine our love for animals with education, experience and scientific-based training methods.
certified dog trainer
  • Jenna
    B.S., Animal Science • CPDT-KA
  • Dynah
  • MuttSchool-KS serves towns in northeastern Kansas along the I-70 corridor, including Manhattan, Junction City, Ft. Riley, St. Marys, Wamego, Silver Lake, Topeka, Abilene, and Salina. Travel fees may apply.