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Fun ways to train your dog!

Training doesn’t end once your dog learns the foundation behaviors. To maintain what you have already taught your dog, you will need to provide your dog with consistent, ongoing training. But training doesn’t need to be boring. Teaching your dog a sport gives both you and the dog something fun to do together. It also helps build your dog’s confidence, increases behavior fluency and working around distractions. MuttSchool’s dog sport classes give you an organized way to train while having fun with your dog. Join one of our classes today!

Dog Sport classes are held six consecutive weeks.

Trick Training


Once you have a good foundation on your dog, you  may not want to stop there. Continue your dog’s education by joining MuttSchool’s trick dog class and earn titles from Do More With Your Dog and the American Kennel Club for your achievements. Tricks are fun for both you and your dog, plus trick training also gives your dog necessary mental stimulation, helps increase bonding and responsiveness. You may also see a few undesirable behaviors disappear as we work on impulse control on a Klimb platform. Join us for this 6 week class and put together a routine that you and your dog can enjoy together.


Agility Foundations and Handling

In MuttSchool’s Agility Foundations and Handling class, your dog will learn body awareness, how to focus on you around distractions, and how to think and problem solve through fun games and exercises. Our goals for the class are to:

  • introduce the handler to necessary agility dog handling skills
  • safely introduce the dog to simplified agility obstacles and fitness equipment
  • improve the dog’s balance, flexibility, strength, and proprioception (awareness of limbs)

This is a foundation agility class and is approved for dogs over 6 months old.

Rally Obedience

Looking for a fun way to continue working on loose leash walking skills with your dog? Try our Rally Obedience class! RallyO promotes teamwork with your dog while performing the skills of heel, sit, turn, pace changes, sit-stay, down-stay and elements of recall—all with your dog under control! You and your dog will learn how to follow directional signs to go through a numbered course within an allotted amount of time. As the dogs gain skill, difficult elements are incorporated into the courses to make it more challenging.


In Nosework, dogs learn how to search for a specific odor or odors and find the source. This sport is great for building confidence and focus in dogs that have issues like shyness, reactivity or lack of confidence. Most dogs can participate – no matter their age or size!

You will need to purchase oils and supplies for this course.

P.E. Group Walks

Daily physical exercise is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your dog’s health both mentally and physically. Create a successful routine of walking your dog by joining others for our P.E. group walks. These take place in different outside locations each week. Sign up and contact jen@muttschool-ks.com for date, time and location of the weekly walks.

Our goals for the class are to:

  • promote your dog’s overall health and fitness
  • minimize reactivity between dogs during a fun group walk
  • create fitness habits for both human and dog
  • help you earn your AKC Fit Dog!

Prairie Disc Dogs

Join us for regular play dates to hang out, play frisbee and learn more about the sport of disc dog in and around Manhattan, KS!

We use our facebook group to let everyone know about scheduled play dates as well as to chat and share tips, photos and videos of dogs having fun with their frisbee throwing humans.

MuttSchool-KS serves towns in northeastern Kansas along the I-70 corridor, including Manhattan, Junction City, Ft. Riley, St. Marys, Wamego, Silver Lake, Topeka, Abilene, and Salina. Travel fees may apply.