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Got Questions?


How much does your training cost?

One of the first questions we are often asked is “how much does your training cost?”

We can give you the cost of our group classes, private lessons or day training sessions. But, for most people it is more about “how much will it cost to meet my dog’s behavior goals” than it is about each specific class. Will you be happy if your dog only learns to sit and down in a single group class? Or are you expecting your dog to have perfect manners no matter where you take them?  Do you want your dog to get special titles like the AKC CGC or service or therapy dog certificates? There are so many variables when it comes to goal setting for your dog and your goals will dictate the overall long-term cost.

Our cost to train your dog  is contingent on:

  • what you’d like your dog to achieve
  • how much of the training you want to participate in
  • and, are there any behavioral problems we need to overcome before learning will happen

Misbehavior is the #1 reason dogs are surrendered. Many of the problems people list for surrendering a dog are fixable through training. Untrained dogs can be a risk to other people and dogs. If you think training is expensive, envision the cost if your dog were to get in a fight with another dog or gets loose and bites someone. You risk lawsuits, medical care, veterinarian care, legal fees and animal control fines. That being said, preventive training makes good financial sense.

We are always happy to set up a training plan for your dog’s training. By doing that, you can utilize package discounts to save money for long-term, consistent training. Just ask!

What should I sign up for?

Start with an evaluation.

During an evaluation your trainer will get to know you and your dog’s story. We will evaluate where your dog is in training, introduce you to our training methods, teach a couple behaviors/management techniques, set training goals and establish a training plan. We can suggest training services that work best with your schedule and budget.


What are your hours?

Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 7:00am – 6:00pm. Day training hours are the same. Dogs picked up after 6:00pm will be charged a late fee.

Outside of these hours, it is best to email info@muttschool-ks.com if you have questions.


When do your group classes start? I don't see start and end dates anywhere!

At our Manhattan training center, our group obedience classes, also known as “Grades 1-5”, are open enrollment. You purchase the credits for the class you want to take and redeem them as you use them. You pick your class dates based on your schedule. Your credits start the day you sign up for class. Need to skip a week? No problem. You choose the class dates you want to attend. To get the maximum benefit from the class, we do ask that when you purchase a class that you complete the class within a specific time frame. Time frames are given during the purchase process.

Our Salina, Topeka and Manhattan focused skills and dog sports group classes are held weekly and do have a start and end date. These classes may be offered less often and require a minimum of 4 people to be enrolled for us to hold the class.


What vaccinations does my dog need?

PLEASE keep your dogs current on vaccinations in accordance to your veterinarian’s recommendations. At the minimum, puppies should have started their series and have waited 10 days from their first vaccination to start puppy classes. Dogs ages 6 months old or older should be current on their rabies and bordetella vaccinations as well.

If under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian, you chose to titer test your dog instead of vaccinating, keep in mind, titers do NOT denote protection against a given disease. Titers only measure antibodies, not immunity. We ask that you provide a letter from your veterinarian stating the titers for the above diseases are within range.

What do I do if my dog is sick?

To attend day training or group classes, your dog needs to be free of signs of communicable diseases. Even if your vaccinations are current, it’s possible to pass minor illnesses among other dogs. Please watch for signs of coughing, sneezing, discharge from the eyes or nose, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, or fever and do not bring a dog with these symptoms to MuttSchool.

We have the right to turn away a sick dog to protect the other dogs in our care.


What should I bring?

  • A hungry dog! (Do not feed adult dogs at least 6 hours before class, and puppies at least 3-4 hours before class.)
  • A generous supply of small, tasty, soft treats. We recommend small highly desirable bits of meat, cheese, or soft prepared dog food (such as Fresh Pet). Your dog may eat an entire meal of treats during a training class and its entire days worth of food during day training or board and train. Dry kibble or treats are best used only at home or mixed in lightly with the highly desirable treats.
  • Harness and Leash:  We recommend the Freedom No Pull Harness with the double clasp marine leash
  • No chain, pinch or shock collars and no retractable leashes allowed


Can I get a refund?

MuttSchool can not grant any refunds on our services, including partial refunds.

After you have purchased credits and attended the first class session (this includes group classes, day training, boarding school, private lessons, etc.), refunds will not be given for unused credits. If you sign up for a service that you don’t feel is working for you or your dog, let us know. We have other training options that we can move your dog into to use your purchased credits.

MuttSchool offers classes and lessons that allow for flexible scheduling. You purchase credits and can redeem them as they work in your schedule. We feel that keeping our class size small is for the benefit of all participants. When you sign up for a class or lesson date, you are reserving a spot in which someone else may not sign up. If you don’t show up to that scheduled class or cancel a private lesson last minute, you will lose the credit for that class. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give us 48 hours notice for your code for that class or lesson to not be considered used.

We are not able to refund for you changing your mind about training, not having enough time to attend classes or lessons, not being able to arrange transportation or rehoming your dog.


My dog is.... sick, in season, or barky at other dogs.

MuttSchool instructor(s), at their discretion, may refuse entry to a pet which is not healthy, is in season, is reactive towards people or other dogs, shows aggression, or does not seem suitable for the services provided. We may be able to switch you to a more suitable service, but no refund will be given under such circumstances.

  • Sick Dog.If your dog is sick, please do not bring them to class. If you have a question about what is allowed in class, please contact the instructor. You are encouraged to come to class without your dog to see what is covered that day.
  • Bitches in season are not allowed in group classes or in our other services where other dogs are in attendance (private lessons are suggested if you want to train a bitch in season). You are encouraged to come to class without your dog to see what is covered while your dog is in season.
  • Reactivity or aggression. Some behavioral problems may require more individualized attention than can be given in day training or a group class setting.The instructor reserves the right to expel dogs who show reactivity or aggression towards people or other dogs. Private sessions may be recommended in these cases. Please be sure to disclose any reactive or aggressive tendencies that your dog may have to the instructor prior to registering.


Can I bring my kids to group classes?


If you’d like members of your family, friends or roommates involved in training, we suggest signing up for private lessons.


Classes and/or day training may be cancelled:

  • If USD 383 is closed due to severe weather in the winter.
  • If threatening weather such as severe thunderstorms, flooding, hail or tornadic activity are present in the area.
  • If a dangerous situation is nearby (since we are in close proximity to Ft. Riley and an airport)
  • If there is not enough attendance to justify holding a group class or day training. We will try to give you 24 hours advanced notice, but that is not guaranteed.

Holiday Closures

MuttSchool is closed on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.

We may be closed or have limited hours the week between Christmas and New Years for facility cleaning and sealing of the rubber floor. We reserve the right to close on other holidays depending on demand and class enrollments. Watch our facebook page for all holiday closures.


I love dogs and would like to volunteer or do an internship.

Our insurance won’t cover volunteers or internships that aren’t associated with an educational program. If you would like to intern, you must be over the age of 18 and would first need to be enrolled in one of these programs:

MuttSchool-KS serves towns in northeastern Kansas along the I-70 corridor, including Manhattan, Junction City, Ft. Riley, St. Marys, Wamego, Silver Lake, Topeka, Abilene, and Salina. Travel fees may apply.